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What Makes Poetry

I think about poetry a lot. Particularly what makes a poem. In this time of free verse when it seems few of the tools of poetry are being put to good use, I still know a poem when I see … Continue reading

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On Time… More

I just finished reading Elizabeth Alexander’s wonderful memoir The Light of the World. Most people know Alexander as the poet who wrote/read the poem “Praise Song for the Day” at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration. I met Elizabeth only briefly, through the poet Kevin Young, when she … Continue reading

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Deer Playground

This winter the deer are coming closer to the house than they ever have before. Last summer we were amazed by how much wildlife we were seeing. Nothing major– no coyotes or foxes– but there just seemed to be a … Continue reading

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Freeze and Thaw

It’s maple syrup season here in Central Minnesota. The monks at Saint John’s Abbey have a very large operation, and it’s been a good year. The first year I lived here, I participated actively in the operation, tapping trees, harvesting … Continue reading

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Last night I caught just a bit of a Minnesota Public Television program with Kevin Kling. Kling, a Minnesota storyteller of great accent and great talent, was speaking to On Being host Krista Tippett about resiliency. Kling was born with physical disabilities, … Continue reading

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Art in the House

One of the things that was important to me right away after the diagnosis was to get art in the house. There was one print, particularly, that I wanted to get framed. Then a friend who is a letterpress artist … Continue reading

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Ways to Pray for Healing

The poem about carrying images and other prayers is ready to share. I posted it on Cowbird, which is a lovely platform for poetry with multiple images. To read it, go here: http://cowbird.com/story/127905/Ways_To_Pray_For_Healing/ I am so grateful for people who have … Continue reading

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What I have been doing this Thanksgiving weekend is zeroing in on the task of organizing a poetry manuscript. My book of poems, H is for Harry, will be published by North Star Press in March 2016. I’m very excited. Ordering a … Continue reading

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Humans and Chickens

Today is going to be a fun day. The weather will be warm(ish), and the garden bed will get tilled. Time to plant some onions and potatoes! Time to plant beets! Also time to move the chickens into a different … Continue reading

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Instructions for the Second Wife

I moved onto this farm nearly six years ago, when I married Steve in July 2008. It is a second marriage for both of us. He has lived on this land since 1987, raised his three daughters here, designed and … Continue reading

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