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Hard vs. Impossible

This spring is hard. But last spring during chemo was impossible. I’m always overwhelmed in the spring, although the self-talk helps me realize it is early and I can take it bed-by-bed until the garden is planted. Right now it’s … Continue reading

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On Time… More

I just finished reading Elizabeth Alexander’s wonderful memoir The Light of the World. Most people know Alexander as the poet who wrote/read the poem “Praise Song for the Day” at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration. I met Elizabeth only briefly, through the poet Kevin Young, when she … Continue reading

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One Year Ago…

Facebook let me know that today was a big anniversary: one year from the official diagnosis. I decided to go back and read some of those early entries in the blog. The entries interested me much less than the comments … Continue reading

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I’ve been desperate for a book. Not any book, but the book, written for me and where I am now. So when another cancer survivor friend recommended Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales, I leapt at it. I … Continue reading

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Secret Music

I have good news. Very good news. I have finished my cancer treatment. It consisted of eighteen weeks of chemotherapy beginning March 1 and ending July 6. Major abdominal “debulking” surgery on September 7 and six more weeks of chemotherapy that … Continue reading

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Fragility 2

All day today I’ve been grappling. I guess I’ve been grappling for a week now. Finally I stood still and formed the question I’m grappling with: “How long after the last treatment do you know it’s the last treatment?” I’m … Continue reading

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The Tree

During these months and months of treatment, people have said a lot of things to me about my positive attitude. They’ve called me inspiring and said that if they were in my place they would most certainly feel sorry for … Continue reading

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Limping to the Finish Line

I feel the need to post something to get that owl off my front page, but it is tough. I had a hard weekend with the effects of the chemotherapy. I had to drag myself out of bed for five … Continue reading

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Good News

Good news. I didn’t think the day I went back to chemotherapy would be a good day, but it really was. I had a PET scan, the first post-surgery, on Wednesday. Also checked my blood again and the CA-125 marker … Continue reading

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My sister has been staying with me the past ten days as I recover from surgery (three weeks ago). It’s been a really great time of visiting and she has leant her strength where I don’t have it. She has … Continue reading

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