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First Signs of Plug Life

Prairie plants are not at all like vegetables. Vegetables need so much care and are so varied in the way they prefer to grow. Just ask my pepper and tomato plants, newly transplanted but brought back inside for one last … Continue reading

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Winter Squash

The only actual “fail” in this year’s garden has been the winter squash. And yes, it has been an epic fail. I mean, sure, the rabbit ate the chard and celery, and we only got two eggplant (but look at … Continue reading

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Few things are harder to visualize than that a cold, snow-bound landscape, so marrow chillingly quiet and lifeless, will, within three months, be green and lush and warm, quivering with all manner of life, from birds warbling and flying through … Continue reading

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Purple P.S.

Walking out the door after posting, I saw this! More purple gorgeousness! I know we talk about milkweed all the time vis a vis Monarch habitat, but the real reason we want them is as pollinators. And we’ve noticed that … Continue reading

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