Susan Sink’s poetry is available in the volume The Way of All the Earth (to purchase, click here). She is also the author of Habits, a collection of 100-word stories about nuns. A second collection of poems, Bringing the Body Down, is seeking a publisher. Her work has appeared in many national literary magazines, including Poetry, Chicago Review, Indiana Review, Salt Hill Journal, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Many Mountains Moving and Spirituality & Health magazine. Her manuscript, The Way of All the Earth, was a finalist for the National Poetry Series and the Brittingham Prize. She has an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and was a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford.

Links to poems by Susan Sink on the blog:

Park Slope, 1990

I’ll Take You Home Again: A Poem for Johnny Cash

Healing Warts at Christ’s Chapel Assembly of God Church

Links to writing by Susan Sink on the web:

Three poems about nuns” at 100 Word Story

I’m posting very short stories and prose poems at cowbird.com. To read all my pieces, click here.

For individual stories, click on the links below.

Tough Girls

A Girl

Precious Things

How to Make a Prairie


Invisible Woman

My Father’s Book of Stories




Something Stupid

Springtime Courting


More 100-word pieces about Sisters:








New York


2 Responses to Poetry

  1. Ann Floreen Niedringhaus says:

    Susan, I just (after a long delay) began reading THE WAY OF ALL THE EARTH and am thoroughly enjoying it. It is a wonderful book and I plan to give it to a member of my writing group. Hope you are doing well. Are you stil seeking a publisher for your second book? I am just starting to work on my first full book. Have been sidetracked as my writing group just finished assembling our second group book — working title BOUND TOGETHER LIKE THE GRASSES — after THE MOON ROLLS OUT OF OUR MOUTHS, which has pretty much sold out.

  2. Marvele Spader says:

    I was searching for poems and came across ” Healing Warts at Christ’s Chapel Assembly of God Church.” Amen!

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