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First Eggs

I’ve been really having a time of it with my chickens. I am really starting to resent them. They are just not laying eggs. I put in two nice brooder boxes for them, and every time I filled them with … Continue reading

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Prairie Tour

  Every day I wake up and realize I am living in one of those Jacquie Lawson animated cards. My aunt sends them to me periodically and I always watch them all the way to the end, never skip ahead … Continue reading

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The Newest Immigrants

  This was the final week of the school year in the local ESL program where I’ve been tutoring. We started in March as outreach to Somali women who have moved to our town. The six women who have participated are … Continue reading

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Raised Beds (Greenhouse Edition)

I’m home! And Steve has been busy while I’ve been away. In addition to cleaning out his parents’ house, he was putting the finishing touches on the greenhouse– including installing the major exhaust fan and small fans, installing the heater … Continue reading

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Bird Trouble

We’ve had some bird trouble lately. I suppose it is to be expected out here in the country. Today’s bird trouble is very sad and tragic, because it involves a wild bird. Not just any wild bird, the most majestic and special of them … Continue reading

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Prairie Road

Today marks eight years since I moved to the farm– my wedding day to Steve and the beautiful, dare I say perfect, reception we had in front of my sister- and brother-in-law’s house. Back then, there was corn on 17 … Continue reading

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Good Girls

Remember the Billy Joel song “Only the Good Die Young?” I thought that song was a total scandal. How could he say what I somewhere deep thought was true– what scared me most? But it wasn’t there because of Catholicism. I … Continue reading

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Gifts from Vegas

One of the more surreal aspects of recent history is the fact that I first experienced the chest congestion that led to the diagnosis while out in Las Vegas. I spent 12 days out there in the desert, first in … Continue reading

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In preparation for selling my new book of poems, I have moved the wordpress blog to a proper website. You are there. The new address is  You will always automatically be redirected to this site from the old address. However, if … Continue reading

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I am one of the unfortunate masses who is addicted to a little game called Candy Crush Saga. I would like to describe this as just a harmless entertainment, but I fear it is a sign of a character flaw. … Continue reading

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