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Chickens Just Want to be Free (Range)

This is an angry chicken. Last Sunday we moved her over to her “summer” digs, out of the barn and to the pen and coop behind the house. I was a little nervous about how she would react to the young … Continue reading

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Last night I went to the 50th Anniversary event for The Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research at Saint John’s Abbey. It made me think about the Benedictine virtue of Stability. The room was full of wonderful people, many of whom … Continue reading

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Hard vs. Impossible

This spring is hard. But last spring during chemo was impossible. I’m always overwhelmed in the spring, although the self-talk helps me realize it is early and I can take it bed-by-bed until the garden is planted. Right now it’s … Continue reading

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Chickens 2.0

March is an odd month. As it draws to a close, there are signs of new life and new horizons everywhere on the farm. It occurred to me yesterday that– “Hey, I didn’t go back to work!” I had meant … Continue reading

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Slow Down

Am I still a blogger? It has been what, three weeks? More? In that time we’ve taken a trip to New York. I was determined to start looking for work on March 1, but instead work came to me, with … Continue reading

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Raised Beds (Greenhouse Edition)

I’m home! And Steve has been busy while I’ve been away. In addition to cleaning out his parents’ house, he was putting the finishing touches on the greenhouse– including installing the major exhaust fan and small fans, installing the heater … Continue reading

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Deer Playground

This winter the deer are coming closer to the house than they ever have before. Last summer we were amazed by how much wildlife we were seeing. Nothing major– no coyotes or foxes– but there just seemed to be a … Continue reading

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Deep Clean and Great Finds

I’ve been hauling this file cabinet around the country since at least 1997. Though I think I got it earlier because I sort of remember it standing on the porch in our last apartment in Chicago. I can picture it … Continue reading

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Red and Green Christmas Tree

  Yesterday I noticed something strange about our Christmas tree. It had changed colors. It was green. Of course, what had been more surprising was that when it brought in it was reddish brown. Steve kept complimenting it, saying how unusual … Continue reading

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Being Healthy

It’s been over a week since my last post. I’ve been busy. Making cookies, grocery shopping, writing for a small freelance project, training my replacement at work… I’ve also tried adding a little exercise program to my routine. Because most of my … Continue reading

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