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Prairie Tour

  Every day I wake up and realize I am living in one of those Jacquie Lawson animated cards. My aunt sends them to me periodically and I always watch them all the way to the end, never skip ahead … Continue reading

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The Newest Immigrants

  This was the final week of the school year in the local ESL program where I’ve been tutoring. We started in March as outreach to Somali women who have moved to our town. The six women who have participated are … Continue reading

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Last night I went to the 50th Anniversary event for The Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research at Saint John’s Abbey. It made me think about the Benedictine virtue of Stability. The room was full of wonderful people, many of whom … Continue reading

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Red and Green Christmas Tree

  Yesterday I noticed something strange about our Christmas tree. It had changed colors. It was green. Of course, what had been more surprising was that when it brought in it was reddish brown. Steve kept complimenting it, saying how unusual … Continue reading

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The Coming Year

  I’ve spent so much energy, along with everyone else, thinking about the election. How did Trump get elected? Why? By whom? What does it mean? Not just nationally, but what does it mean locally, for me and the place … Continue reading

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Finally, a Crime Podcast Done Right

I’ve been more than ambivalent about the recent trend in crime-exploring podcasts that throw doubt on the results of the criminal justice system. It’s not even so much that I doubt their editing and production process led us to the … Continue reading

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At the Cancer Hospital (2)

This “triple whammy” week has been challenging, but not in the way I thought it might be. Everything was harsher and a little longer than usual, but the side effects are still mostly annoying and not painful. I had some … Continue reading

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Somali Scarf Shopping

I came back from my trip to warm temps, greener grass, and full-throated frogs in the wetlands. And that means I need to move from my winter hats and think about lighter headwear for summer. I tell you, I am … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

I know there will be times on this journey when I will feel alone. But right now a surprising thing is that it isn’t just my friends and family keeping me company– my medical care providers in a strange way … Continue reading

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Ten Years in Minnesota

As the students have been returning to the colleges here, I’ve been very aware that it was exactly ten years ago that I arrived in this place. I had come for an academic year at the Collegeville Institute, following the … Continue reading

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