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Green Beans

I don’t want to leave those squash bugs at the top of the feed any longer than necessary! I’m headed off to experience the eclipse near St. Louis, so won’t be posting for a few days. I’ll just share a … Continue reading

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Jersey Shore

My sister and I recently returned from eight days (11 for her) revisiting the summers of our childhood in Southern New Jersey. We never took these experiences for granted– we always knew that being at the Shore and going crabbing … Continue reading

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Veggies All Around

I feel a bit guilty going out to my main garden. I’ve done very little but obsess and critique the weeds that have been so prevalent out there. AND I’ve been so devoted to the greenhouse beds, watering them every … Continue reading

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Birthday Meal

I’ve been so preoccupied by the greenhouse goodies that I have not paid much attention to the outdoor garden. All I see out there is weeds, mostly, though suddenly things are getting started out there. Yesterday was my birthday, so … Continue reading

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No Food Gap

Usually this time in June is a bare spot in our garden eating. I pulled the bolted lettuce from the greenhouse today (though I still have some in the regular garden). I’ve thinned the beets in the garden so there … Continue reading

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Localish and Seasonalish

The eating is so good right now it really brings me joy. The transition from winter to spring eating is so dramatic here. I’ve never been a big salad eater (and soup is not for dinner), but growing my own … Continue reading

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Tenacious Weeds

I got the worst of the weeds out of raised bed #15 yesterday. The worst are thistle, and this bed had a lot of thistle. It’s the worst because it will come back and because it stings my hands if … Continue reading

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Hard vs. Impossible

This spring is hard. But last spring during chemo was impossible. I’m always overwhelmed in the spring, although the self-talk helps me realize it is early and I can take it bed-by-bed until the garden is planted. Right now it’s … Continue reading

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micros and babies

On April 8, we ate our first salad of baby arugula from the greenhouse. I was planning on keeping it growing until Easter, but you have to cut it when it’s ready– arugula especially will get sharp. With some luck … Continue reading

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Sun Basket: Meal Delivery Services

Meal Delivery Services are all the rage these days. The most familiar is probably Blue Apron, which advertises aggressively on social media and elsewhere. One of Steve’s daughters and her partner in Brooklyn use it, and although both are good … Continue reading

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