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Tenacious Weeds

I got the worst of the weeds out of raised bed #15 yesterday. The worst are thistle, and this bed had a lot of thistle. It’s the worst because it will come back and because it stings my hands if … Continue reading

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Hard vs. Impossible

This spring is hard. But last spring during chemo was impossible. I’m always overwhelmed in the spring, although the self-talk helps me realize it is early and I can take it bed-by-bed until the garden is planted. Right now it’s … Continue reading

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Poetry Month

I’ve been writing a lot of poems lately. went over to a static site, so there is no more posting “new stories” there. I have moved with a lot of other Cowbird writers over to You can find … Continue reading

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On Time… More

I just finished reading Elizabeth Alexander’s wonderful memoir The Light of the World. Most people know Alexander as the poet who wrote/read the poem “Praise Song for the Day” at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration. I met Elizabeth only briefly, through the poet Kevin Young, when she … Continue reading

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One Year Ago…

Facebook let me know that today was a big anniversary: one year from the official diagnosis. I decided to go back and read some of those early entries in the blog. The entries interested me much less than the comments … Continue reading

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Raised Beds (Greenhouse Edition)

I’m home! And Steve has been busy while I’ve been away. In addition to cleaning out his parents’ house, he was putting the finishing touches on the greenhouse– including installing the major exhaust fan and small fans, installing the heater … Continue reading

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It has been so long since I’ve posted! I usually don’t feel like posting when I’m on vacation because it feels so outside of ordinary life, which is the focus of this blog. After a lovely week with my sister … Continue reading

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Red and Green Christmas Tree

  Yesterday I noticed something strange about our Christmas tree. It had changed colors. It was green. Of course, what had been more surprising was that when it brought in it was reddish brown. Steve kept complimenting it, saying how unusual … Continue reading

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Being Healthy

It’s been over a week since my last post. I’ve been busy. Making cookies, grocery shopping, writing for a small freelance project, training my replacement at work… I’ve also tried adding a little exercise program to my routine. Because most of my … Continue reading

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I’ve been desperate for a book. Not any book, but the book, written for me and where I am now. So when another cancer survivor friend recommended Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales, I leapt at it. I … Continue reading

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