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The One-Pan Phenomenon

A couple Sundays ago, Steve and I went to Barnes & Noble. We do this every once in a while to check out the progress, or demise, of the book industry. It’s kind of like checking in on American trends. … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Effect

This year I feel like a different gardener than in years past. It isn’t about cancer– all that did was lose me a year of gardening. But I’m more confident about all the crops, more in tune with what is … Continue reading

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Women and Cancer

OK, enough with the pause (haha), I have something on my mind and some time to say it. This morning I was reading a blog by a friend who just had her last (16th) chemotherapy treatment for cancer. She lives … Continue reading

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Dear Reader, I started writing this blog back in 2008. I started it for a specific reason. I’d written an essay that I submitted to¬†America¬†magazine. It was a risky essay, and it was a nuanced one– about living in an … Continue reading

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First Eggs

I’ve been really having a time of it with my chickens. I am really starting to resent them. They are just not laying eggs. I put in two nice brooder boxes for them, and every time I filled them with … Continue reading

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Epic Eclipse Road Trip

These are photos taken by my friend Narrah of the total eclipse in Queeny Park in Ballwin, Missouri. I saw it from about 40 miles from there, another well-named place, Herculaneum, Missouri. In a park that had a good spooky … Continue reading

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Green Beans

I don’t want to leave those squash bugs at the top of the feed any longer than necessary! I’m headed off to experience the eclipse near St. Louis, so won’t be posting for a few days. I’ll just share a … Continue reading

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Race to Ripeness

The garden has been a real battle this summer. I’ve focused on the weeds, and yes, I did have to resort to the nuclear option (Roundup) to finally kill the four large burdock plants and some extra-resistant thistles (only around … Continue reading

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What Makes Poetry

I think about poetry a lot. Particularly what makes a poem. In this time of free verse when it seems few of the tools of poetry are being put to good use, I still know a poem when I see … Continue reading

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Jersey Shore

My sister and I recently returned from eight days (11 for her) revisiting the summers of our childhood in Southern New Jersey. We never took these experiences for granted– we always knew that being at the Shore and going crabbing … Continue reading

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