Susan SinkSusan Sink is a poet and writer living on 80 acres in St. Joseph, Minnesota. She is the author of a book of poems, The Way of All the Earth. Her poems and stories have been published in national literary magazines, including Poetry, Chicago Review, Santa Monica Review, Spoon River Anthology and others. She regularly posts short fiction at http://cowbird.com/author/susan-sink.

She is also the author of The Art of The Saint John’s Bible, a series (now collected in one volume) exploring the art and theology behind The Saint John’s Bible, a hand-written, hand-illuminated bible by calligrapher Donald Jackson. She is available to present on topics related to The Saint John’s Bible.

Since moving to Central Minnesota in 2005, she has written about life in this community, home to two Benedictine monastic communities for over 150 years, a rural area engaged with Catholicism and sustainable living. The blog explores local foods, gardening, religion and writing. In keeping with the rhythm of my particular rural life, there are movie reviews in the winter and gardening entries in the summer and reflections on changes in the church and community throughout the year.

Contact Susan Sink via e-mail at susanmsink@gmail.com

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  1. Vicki Rovine says:

    Dear Susan–

    I knew you way back at Grinnell, and was moved to look at your (wonderful) blog and send you a message after reading our class newsletter. I was so sorry to learn of your diagnosis–it’s just heart-sinking to think of what you are dealing with now. But your poetry and your garden and, most importantly, the support system of people around you must surely be holding you up as you move into the future.

    I just wanted to send greetings from afar, tell you that I remember you fondly though I didn’t know you well in college, and send you the very best for beating all the odds and continuing to live your wonderful life there.

    I am transmitting all good wishes–
    Vicki Rovine

    • susanmsink@gmail.com says:

      Vicki, of COURSE I remember you.

      Thank you for the well wishes and kind words. You identified the big three for me: art/writing, support network, and excellent surroundings. Present in time of joy and in struggles, which is a life lesson in itself.

      I hope you’re doing well, Susan

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